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TEA-ming with Relaxation - Mojito Lime - Gift Basket

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Enjoy a relaxing moment with this assortment of Specialty Teas:

  • Pure Ceylon Specialty Strawberry
  • Pure Ceylon Specialty Rose
  • METZ Luxury Long Island Strawberry

Served in this Beautiful Hampton Porcelain "Mojito Lime" 2 cup Teapot.

Enjoy Satisfying Savoury - Carrs Crackers with Sonoma Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges, Scillian Spicy Olives x 2, and Sweet & Salty Nutz Mix x 2.

Finish with Sweets - Chewy & Soft Confetti Cookies, Cherry Delight Jelly Chocolates, Pecan Caramel Chocolate Bark Bars x 2, Hazelnut Pralines x 2, plus Keylime Lemonade x 2.

Presented in a woven basket tray with Green Flower pick