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Embroidered CozyWrap - The Ribbons of Your Love . . . (Mom in Heart)

We LOVE to hear we're LOVED!
For relaxing in a favourite chair snuggled up with the heat bag, or to pre-warm or pre-cool a bed - there are many uses for this Premium Heat Bag!

Featuring Embroidered Flower Bordered Heart and Letters declaring a Sweet Thought! Your Mom will enjoy the message and feel the warmth every time she heats up your present.  Each Bag has a variety of Beautiful Backings.  A little longer heat bag - at approximately 21 -22".  Stays warm for 30+ minutes. 
  • Feeling Cold?  This Premium Heat Bag heats up in 2 minutes in the microwave! 
  • Feeling Hot?   This Premium Bag can be used as a cold pack after being in the freezer.
  • Send a Message with our unique microwaveable heat bags.

These Premium Bags can be purchased individually or added to your Gift Basket Order.